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The Specialized Products Division

Lubrication Equipment Marketing & Services Dept

Our Products Marketing and Control services in south Korea.


SPCCOK Specialized Products Control represents one of the core businesssegments of SPCCOK
Intermational Agency Distributor ltd. A diversified, global manufacturer, installer, services and distributor
of products and system serving a broad spectrum of markers in over 30 countries around the world.


SPCCOK lubrication oil transfer dispensing equipment

* Greasing hand & air operated equipment,

* Fuel hand operated & electric diesel fuel handling equipment,

* Oil transfer hand & air operated oil pumps Filtration equipment,

* Oil & grease dispensing control guns equipment

* Oil and fuel flow meters, Retract auto rewind & metal hose reels.


Choose a Specialized Products Lubrication Equipment Division of SPCCOK in south Korea line

Flow meter & Instrument Control Equipment Systems
SPCCOK- GPI, Flow Meter Control Products Marketing Dept'

SPCCOK- GPI, Lubrication Oil Transfer Dispensing Filtration, Equipment

Grease, Oil and Fuel Pumps-Hand, Air, Electric Control Gun-Oil Meter


SPCCOK - GPI Pump Line

SPCCOK - GPI, Lubrication Oil Transfer Dispensing Filtration, Equipment
Grease, Oil and Fuel Pumps-Hand, Air, Electric Control Gun-Oil Meter


SPCCOK- Macnaght Mechanical Flow Meter's

#SPCM- FM200
#SPCM- FM100

SPCCOK- Mechanical Meter's

  Mechanical Fuel Meter # SPCM-MD130
  Mechanical Herbicide Meter with Strainer # SPCM-FM100H
  Mechanical Meter with Built-in Filter # SPCM-FM100
  Mechanical Meter with Strainer # SPCM-FM200H

SPCCOK- GPI, Electronic Turbine Meter's
#SPCE-03, A1, S
#SPCE-P100, 50 #SPCE-CE #SPCE-01A, 01N

SPCCOK-GPI, Electronic Turbine Meter's

  Electronic Disc Meter's # SPCE-FM300H
  Electronic Digital Fuel Meter's # SPCE-01A series
  Electronic Digital Fuel Meter's # SPCE-03 series
  Electronic Digital Fuel Meter's # SPCE-A1 series
  Electronic Digital Water Meter's # SPCE-01N series
  Electronic Digital IGMP Meter's # SPCE-CE
  Electronic Digital PVDF Meter's 1" # SPCE-P100
  Electronic Digital PVDF Meter's 1/2" # SPCE-P050
  Electronic Digital SS Meter's 1/2" # SPCE-S050
  Electronic Digital SS Meter's 3/4" # SPCE-S075
  Electronic Digital SS Meter's 1.0" # SPCE-S100
  Electronic Digital SS Meter's 1-1/2" # SPCE-S150
  Electronic Digital SS Meter's 2" # SPCE-S200

SPCCOK- GPI, Electric Motor Pumps


SPCCOK- GPI, Electric AC & DC Motor Pumps

  Electric Chemical Gear Motor Pumps AC 115V # SPCP-M1100H
  Electric Heavy-Duty Fuel Pump AC 115V # SPCP-M2115
  Electric Light-Duty Fuel Pump AC 115V # SPCP-M1115
  Electric Plastic Medium Thick Fluids Pump AC 115V # SPCP-PA200H
  Electric Plastic Petroleum Pump AC 115V # SPCP-PA200
  Electric Plastic Thin Fluids Pump AC 115V # SPCP-M120H
  Electric Vane Pump AC 115V # SPCP-M3120
  Electric Vane Pump AC 115V # SPCP-M3130
  Electric Vane Pump AC 220V # SPCP-M2230
  Electric Heavy-Duty Cabinet Fuel pump AC 220V # SPCP-CM2230
  Electric Heavy-Duty Cabinet Fuel Pump AC 115V # SPCP-CM2115
  Electric Total Herbicide Chemical Pump AC 115V # SPCP-TA pump
  Electric Chemical Gear Motor Pump DC 12V # SPCP-M120H
  Electric Overload Protected Fuel Pump DC 12V # SPCP-M150S
  Electric Overload High Flow Pump DC 12V # SPCP-M180S
  Electric Plastic Medium Fluids Pump DC 12V # SPCP-P200H
  Electric Plastic Petroleum Pump DC 12V # SPCP-P200
  Electric Plastic Thin fluids Pump DC 12V # SPCP-P120H
  Electric Overload Protected Fuel Pump DC 12V # SPCP-M240S
  Electric Horizontal High-Viscosity Pump DC 12V # SPCP-VP12HH
  Electric Vertical High-viscosity Pump DC 12V # SPCP-VP12H

SPCCOK- GPI, Hand Rotary Pump

SPCCOK- GPI, Hand Rotary Pump

  Barrel Pump's # SPC - BP10/12
  Dual-Flo Petroleum Hand Pump # SPC - HP100
  Dual-Flo Piston Hand Chemical Pump # SPC - HP100C
  Five Gallon Pail Pump # SPC - 5PP
  Lever Pump Agricultural Chemical Pump # SPC - LP50H
  Lever Pump Petroleum / Water Pump # SPC - HP90
  Petroleum Hand Rotary Pump # SPC - RP10
  Medium weight Petroleum Rotary pump # SPCP-RP5


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Lubrication pre-set control meter guns

Shop & Services Station Equipment

Fluid Connectors & Filtration Equipment

Lubrication transfer equipment

Special Lubrication Equipment & Flow meter

SPCCOK - Lubrication Equipment Services Products

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