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SPCCOK was established on Jan. 5th, 1972,
and has been a prosperous engineering marketing company who aims at delivering and
supplying high quality equipment and products by companies from all over the world.
We have been highly specialized in special concept products to meet the specific needs and requirements
of various clients.

SPCCOK puts its priority in meeting our clients' needs, which is to supply world-renowned products at the
most competitive price terms promptly by building networks with multinational companies and their
well-experienced engineers.

* SPCCOK distributes
* adhesive sealant system for vehicle and shipbuilding
* pipeline couplings and pipes, hose parts and pipeline repair tape system,
* drillship lubricants and lube oil transportation equipment, flowmeters, and meauring
equipment-related system,
* magnet, iron separator, lifting magnet system,
* eletric terminal, electiricity insulating products and sealing system,
* and other specialized products to serve our customers' needs.

SPCCOK will do our best to be of your service by participating international exhibitions and be an
active marketer where specialized goods are requested, and to as always be moving on as a prominent
supplier of the goods with kindness and service-oriented mind as well as a desired technical service and
satisfying support in guaranteeing product quality.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


SPCCOK- Imagination at Work
Quality is our "NO. 1" Operating Priority.
Quality Products - Quality People,




* SPCCOK in Korea line ltd's
SPCCOK- SPC Korea line marketing & services ltd.

Pipeing systems, couplings, fittings, expansion joints, marketing
Fire protection, Pipeing systems, Coupling, Fittings, Expansion joints.
Straub coupling, Victaulic coupling
Piusi Lubrication pump equipment
BTB autoglass & body shop tools

* SPCCOK in Korea line ltd's
SPCCOK- Spare partscenter marketing & services ltd.

Flow control meters, equipments, special systems marketing
Flow control-P/D meter, Oval, Turbine, Magnetic systems.
Pressure special instrument equipment
Flowmeter control systems

* SPCCOK in Korea line ltd's
SPCCOK- Special products marketing & services ltd.

Marine safety & emergency special products marketing
Tirfor Wrench
Emergency light sticks
Life saving equipment, Signal kits, Maritime safety equipment.

* SPCCOK in Korea line ltd's

SPCCOK- Youngjinmoolsan marketing & services ltd.

Adhesives, sealings, lappings, lubricants, chemical products marketing
Plasticmetal, Plasticsteel, Multimetal, Ptups,
Plasteel, Smups, Thistlebond, Tups, Cordobond, Sakuracoat,
Duxseal, Titeseal, Plaseal, Checkseal, Tridentseal, Smupseal
Molylube, Molyslip, Coapslip, Chemola, Smocon, Thredon, Neolube
Clover diamond & Sgcsc, Sgbao, Sgdam, lapping compounds, Carborundum powders.
NRI Wraptape, Syntho-Glass, Trident-Wrap. Thistle-Wrap

* SPCCOK in Korea line ltd's
COK- Technomagnete marketing & services ltd.

Electropermanent magnet special systems marketing
Tecnomagnete Hi- Tech tecnomagnete products
Tecnomagnete Permanent lifting magnete systems
Tecnomagnete Electropermanent lifting magnete systems
Tecnomagnete Electropermanent check, clamp, grinding, cutting magnet systems

* SPCCOK in Korea line ltd's
SPCCOK- MS Polymer, marketing & services ltd.

MS-Polymer special products marketing
MS-Polymer Adfhesive Sealants
LNG shipbuildingline adhesive sealing polymers


International Tel  :+ 82  51  816-6091 . 6092
Fax : + 82  51  807-4853 . 4854       

E-mail : spccok@spccok.com


SPCCOK in Korea line ltd's
SPCCOK Korea line Head Office
SPCCOK - Techno Building, A-113, 681-2, Jenpodong, Jingu, Pusan, south Korea 614-740
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We hope for your prosperity. Our company have unified and moved promotion department, W/S and A/S department
of affiliated company of SPCCOK Korea in in accordance with enlargement of SPCCOK Logistics Center and change
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