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The Specialized Products Division

Plastic Metal Marketing & Services Dept

Our products Marketing and control Services in south Korea


SPCCOK Specialized Products Control represents one of the core businesssegments of
SPCCOK International Agency Distributor ltd.

A diversified, global menufacturer, installer, services and distributor of products and systems
serving a board spectrum of markers in over 30 countries around the world.


SPCCOK Adhesives Services Specialized Products-Sales & Distribution is Special parts of
SPCCOK Services Specialized Products Division.

As such, we are responsible for the sales and distribution of Plasteel Thistlebond, Cordobond, Sakuracoat, Devcon, Bostik, Conap, Aremico.
in south Korea line


Plastic Metal Marketing & Services Dept
Plasteel- Plastic Metal Services Products Marketing Dept



SPCCOK" Engineering Marketing & Service Company are specialty contracting companies.
Our turnkey industrial maintenance services are rooted in the World-Class Maintenance philosophy,
practices, and performance measures.

SPCCOK"- Plastic Metal Adhesive Products and Services

* Nuclear and Industrial Certified
* Tank Linings
* Floor and Wall Systems
* Chemical Resistant Coatings
* Safety Systems
* Pipeline Coatings
* Waterproofing
* Roof Coatings
* Resin Injection Systems
* Concrete Restoration
* Metal Repair Systems

Plasteel"- Plastic Metal Adhesive Products Services include :

* Surface cleaning & preparation,
* Roofing, insulation encapsulation,
* Concrete repair and waterproofing;
* Corrosion protection and specialty coatings / linings applications.

SPCCOK" Our injury free experience in nuclear and other industries has strengthened our
commitment to excellence, which is about getting it right the first time and striving towards
continuos improvement.

By using advanced, state of the art engineered products and best specialty trade services and
practices, SPCCOK"- Plasteel adhesive bonding and repair & protection technologies delivers
competitive advantage to its clients providing single source responsibility and reliability.

Regarding our credentials, please take a close look at a select few of our customers:

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Metal Repair Compound Products & Applications


Plastic Metal & Plastic Steel and Adhesives

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Plasteel & Plastic Steel, Thistlebond, Cordobond - Sales & Distribution


Resin based maintenance products


Emergency Repairs Epoxy products


Emergency coating Epoxy products


Resin based maintenance products

Plastic Metal

Thread locking products


Special epoxy products


Hi-Temp sealing & Adhesives compounds


Resin based maintenance products

Plastic Steel

Steel based epoxy products

Plastic Aluminium

Aluminium based epoxy products

Plastic Atainless steel

Stainless steel based epoxy products

Plastic Bronze

Bronze based epoxy products

Plastic Titanium

Titanium based epoxy products

Plastic Ceramic

Ceramic based epoxy products



SPCCOK - Plastic Metal Adhesives Services Products

** Click here to see some "PLASTIC METAL" for Metal Repair products

* Contact : Plasteel- Plastic Metal Repair Adhesive Polymer Applications. www.spccok.com


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Plastic Metal Adhesive Marketing & Services Dept



Head office : SPCCOK-Tecnobuilding. Jenpodong 681-2, Jingu, Busan, south Korea . Mail: 614-740

Website www.spccok.co.kr

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